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Siamese Massages

Ayurveda Massage

Ayurveda is composed with two different words from Sanskrit; Ayur means life and Veda means science or wisdom. Traditionally Ayraveda is a one part of moring routine to treat the whole well-being.

Price: 1,700 THB
1 Hour 30 Mins

Traditional Thai Massage

It has been carried on as per body and mind therapy medium for more than 100 years. Traditional Thai Massage is related to stress relief and energy circulation by pressing to 10 main body line based on Thai Tradition Medicine.

Price: 500THB, 900THB
1 Hours, 2 Hours

Health Care Massage

Health care massage program by Thai tradition wisdom – 30 minutes
Customers are feel free to choose specific area for massage in order to reduce pain in muscle. The feature of massage followed by Thai tradition wisdom and Thai massage of 10 primary energy lines that emphasis on specific area to recovery from pain. You can choose depend on area

  1. Massage on shoulders, neck and head
  2. Massage on shoulder blades, shoulders and arms
  3. Massage on back
  4. Massage on stomach
  5. Massage on leg and foot

Price: 700 THB and 1,200 THB
1 Hour and 2 Hours

Swedish Massage

This is one of the well-known modern massage model from the west. It comprises of stroking, compressing and friction massage by applying hands,palm and finger tip. Results are covered to stimulate oxygen in blood circulation and detoxication. Furthermore,it improves skin complexion and reduces cellulite. All the sense of relaxation and releif will lead to you.

Price: 700 THB and 1,200 THB
1 Hour and 2 Hours

Foot Massage

This is one of the original foot treatment for cleansing and norishing foot. It helps to relief and stimulate blood circulation

Price: 500 THB and 900 THB
1 Hour and 2 Hours

Hair and Head massage

This is the combination of head massage and hair nourishment applied from Inidan style which derived from Ayurvedic. It serves relaxation as well as nurture your hair with oil andnatural special recipes.

Price: 900 THB
1 Hour